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NAME - org.javacord.api.entity.auditlog.AuditLogChangeType
Nameable - Interface in org.javacord.api.entity
This class represents an entity which has a name.
newAvatarIsDefaultAvatar() - Method in interface org.javacord.api.event.user.UserChangeAvatarEvent
Checks if the new avatar is a default avatar.
NICK - org.javacord.api.entity.auditlog.AuditLogChangeType
NONE - org.javacord.api.entity.server.MultiFactorAuthenticationLevel
NONE - org.javacord.api.entity.server.VerificationLevel
NonThrowingAutoCloseable - Interface in org.javacord.api.util
An auto-closeable that does not throw any checked exceptions from its close method.
NORMAL - org.javacord.api.entity.message.MessageType
A normal message being sent by a user.
NORMAL_WEBHOOK - org.javacord.api.entity.message.MessageType
A normal message being sent by a webhook.
NotFoundException - Exception in org.javacord.api.exception
When something was not found (HTTP response code 404).
NotFoundException(Exception, String, RestRequestInformation, RestRequestResponseInformation) - Constructor for exception org.javacord.api.exception.NotFoundException
Creates a new instance of this class.
NSFW - org.javacord.api.entity.auditlog.AuditLogChangeType