Interface Updatable<T extends DiscordEntity>

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      • getLatestInstance

        CompletableFuture<T> getLatestInstance​()
        Gets an updated instance of this entity from the cache or from Discord directly. This is for example necessary if an instance got invalid by a reconnect to Discord which invalidates all existing instances which means they do not get any further updates from Discord applied. Due to that, references to instances should usually not be held for an extended period of time. If they are, this method can be used to retrieve the current instance from the cache if present or from Discord directly.

        This method returns the currently cached entity if present, or request the entity from Discord if it is not cached or not permanently cached. If the entity is a fully cached entity and is not in the cache any longer, for example because it was deleted or the message was thrown out of the cache, the CompletableFuture completes exceptionally with a NoSuchElementException. If a request to Discord is made, the according remote call exception will be used to complete the CompletableFuture exceptionally.

        The current cached instance.