Interface InteractionBase

    • Method Detail

      • getApplicationId

        long getApplicationId​()
        Gets the id of the application that this interaction is for.
        The id of the application.
      • getType

        InteractionType getType​()
        Gets the type of the interaction.
        The type of the interaction.
      • createImmediateResponder

        InteractionImmediateResponseBuilder createImmediateResponder​()
        Create a response builder that can be used to immediately reply to this interaction with a message. Please note that you have to call respond() on the returned object within 3 seconds after receiving the interaction.
        The new response builder.
      • respondLater

        CompletableFuture<InteractionOriginalResponseUpdater> respondLater​()
        Sends an acknowledgement of the interaction to Discord and displays a loading state to the user, indicating that you'll respond with a delay. Please note that you can only actually update this loading state message within 15 minutes after receiving the interaction.
        A CompletableFuture that completes as soon as the acknowledgement has been sent; it yields an updater that should be used to update the message later on.
      • createFollowupMessageBuilder

        InteractionFollowupMessageBuilder createFollowupMessageBuilder​()
        Create a message builder to send follow up messages for this interaction. You can send, edit and delete follow up messages up to 15 minutes after you received the interaction.
        The new message builder.
      • getServer

        Optional<Server> getServer​()
        Gets the server that this interaction was sent from.
        The server.
      • getChannel

        Optional<TextChannel> getChannel​()
        Gets the channel that this interaction was sent from.
        The channel.
      • getUser

        User getUser​()
        Gets the invoking user.
        The invoking user.
      • getToken

        String getToken​()
        Gets the continuation token for responding to the interaction.
        The token.
      • getVersion

        int getVersion​()
        Gets the version.
        The version.