Interface MessageComponentInteractionBase

    • Method Detail

      • getMessage

        Optional<Message> getMessage​()
        Gets the message that this interaction is related to. This may not be available if the sent message is EPHEMERAL.
        The message.
      • getMessageId

        long getMessageId​()
        Gets the message ID that this interaction is related to.
        The message ID.
      • getCustomId

        String getCustomId​()
        Get the identifier of the clicked component.
        The component identifier.
      • getComponentType

        ComponentType getComponentType​()
        Get the type of the component.
        The component type.
      • acknowledge

        CompletableFuture<Void> acknowledge​()
        Acknowledges the incoming component interaction, for example a click on a button. The user will not see a loading state. You can still send follow up messages within a 15 minute timeframe.
        A CompletableFuture that completes if the acknowledgement has been submitted successfully.
      • createOriginalMessageUpdater

        ComponentInteractionOriginalMessageUpdater createOriginalMessageUpdater​()
        Creates a message updater that can be used to update the message the component of this interaction is attached to.
        The new message updater