Interface SlashCommandPermissions

  • public interface SlashCommandPermissions
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        SlashCommandPermissionType getType​()
        Gets the type of this slash commands permissions which may be a User or a Role.
        The type of this slash command permissions.
      • getPermission

        boolean getPermission​()
        Whether this permission is enabled or disabled for the this slash command permissions.
        True if the command is enabled for this user or role. Otherwise false.
      • create

        static SlashCommandPermissions create​(long id,
                                              SlashCommandPermissionType type,
                                              boolean permission)
        Creates an slash command permissions which can be used by SlashCommandPermissionsUpdater to update the permission.
        id - The id of the role or user which should be updated.
        type - The type this ID belong to.
        permission - True if the command should be enabled.
        The built SlashCommandPermissions.